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About Us

 If You are using an electronic cigarette, cigar or pipe, You need a high quality e-liquid with great flavor and guaranteed nicotine content.

   We offer you one of the best quality e-liquid that produces great amounts of vapor, have unique flavors and supply You with Your needed nicotine dosage. Suitable for all electronic cigarette models.
   Electronic cigarettes and smoking an electronic cigarette. Why exactly...?! 
   Everyone has the right to choose. Choice - to live healthy or to be a tobacco smoker. Choice - having your closest people around you be healthy or turn them into second hand smokers. Choice - electronic cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes.
   We believe you can make the right choice without having to sacrifice a thing. We are certain that you can live healthier without having to sacrifice the pleasure of smoking while being with friends and family, smoking at home or at work.
   We believe that every smoker has to be given the chance to make his own choice and we think the right choice is the electronic cigarette. It will help you beat the harmful habit so you can have healthier lives without the unnecessary and desperate tries to quit smoking. We are sure that the electronic cigarette is the perfect solution for You !
  We created a nicotine e-liquid for your electronic cigarette by an original and proven recipe. All the ingredients we use are pharmaceutical or food grade. Our electronic cigarette e-liquid comes with unique flavors and produces harmless and refreshing vapor . It also satisfies your nicotine cravings.
   You are welcome to try our nicotine e-liquid " L&A Vape ", suitable for every electronic cigarette model.
Satisfy your senses with L&A Vape products !